A very personal view.


This is no backwater

Although I'm based on a Greek island it doesn't mean I'm behind with the news. In fact the opposite is true. World news and opinion is now easily obtainable by all.

Comment on anything

Crooked officials in sport, cheating sportsmen, corrupt politicians, and misuse of personal data. I may also comment on child abuse. It won't all be bad though.

About me

Not much to say really. Had a good education, didn't attend school too much. Did a bit of Art School, a bit of Precision Engineering and a bit of carpentry where I eventually settled down. Played a bit of sport, thought I was quite good at most of them. Managed a bit of youth football, played and managed that is. There were a lot of wierdos in those days but nobody had raised any concerns then, nor had any boy complained and I suppose we were all guilty of complacency, although nobody that I know has ever said they saw or knew about any disgraceful action by a youth football coach.

Was a bit of a lad in the sixties, always in trouble. They didn't understand me. Loved music, art and sports.
I've travelled a lot, spent nearly all my working life in London. I'm proud about managing the construction of some great hospitals and schools in and around London, especially the extensions, refurbishment of the rheumatology and renal sections and the two MRI units at Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital, the Childrens Autistic wing of Liverpool Road Hospital and many new wards throughout London hospitals. We achieved some great school buildings as well, not least the St Charles Catholic College for Cardinal Basil Hume. I'm now retired, grandfather to three grandsons, father to son and daughter and husband to one wife, sorry if that sounds like " the Spaniard ", still love music, art and sports but I'm absolutely incensed by the corruption and abuse that goes on in life today and the fact that it is so open and nothing seems to be done about it. My other hobby horse is the state of mental health care in the UK, which I believe to be disgraceful.


I and many others like me have been blogging about mental health in the UK for several years now.

Maybe, someone has started to listen. The Government, Health organisations and Local Authorities throughout the UK are putting more money into the system and talking about better accommodation and walk in centres for the mentally ill. They still need to do much more, spend more money and get rid of the armchair managers at the top.

graphic of Terry Bridge