Another Whitehall Farce

Having been totally against Brexit from the start, I tend to look upon the Governments negotiations from above and with slight disdain, but now I am becoming increasingly worried that all the people inside these negotiations, including all the Europeans, are slowly becoming non-people and just puppets we see on our TV screens, from a Punch and Judy show or from a Whitehall Farce with Brian Rix.

The big question, seems to me, to be, why did our Government ever believe that the French and Germans would ever agree to them deciding the rules of a British breakaway. History tells us that this would never happen.

If you are going to leave a club against the wishes of all the other members, it won't be pretty, but you just have to walk away. What happens then within your borders is up to you. Does Theresa May think that after Brexit she will have a say in Europe. Of course she won't.

All of this stupid negotiating has shown all the Europeans, including the British, how childlike these politicians really are. I've never liked politicians, I like them less now.

Europe is sticking to its guns with reference to the Irish border and Theresa May is sticking to hers. Why ? It has to go one way or the other. Annoyingly and Tusk knows this, it is really about a promise and not the practicalities of policing an open door market. She will HAVE TO break her promise to Northern Ireland. After all, politicians break promises every day. It's second nature to them.

And from my point of view ? Well, she didn't even mention the one million plus Britons living in Europe. Obviously we are not so important as the three million plus Europeans living in Britain, who did get a mention. Hopefully the Austrian accord still holds water.

Strangely this whole problem comes from a small group of hard line right wing fascists who lied to the fifty plus percent gullible British people and what did we do with them once their lies were revealed ? We rewarded them with higher office. That then gives them the platform to resign with blaring trumpets. If Theresa May didn't see that coming, then she is a fool.

If you are leaving the club, then bloody well leave. Don't dwell on the doorstep wondering what will happen to your old jacket you left in the cloakroom.

If you don't leave quickly, that fifty plus percent may rear it's ugly head again and vote you out. And you know what that means.

Apologies for any bad grammar, punctuation etc.

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