A Bridge Too Far ?

I don't really enjoy writing about politics, but there seems to be little else at this present time.

I also didn't believe that social media should be a platform for ranting about Government or opposition misdemeanours, but Donald Trump changed all that with his continued use of Twitter.

I want to know why Boris Johnson and Chris ( Failing ) Grayling aren't the focus of a police investigation into corruption.

There are a few questions that these two need to answer that it appears no ministers are willing to ask.

  1. Where, exactly Boris, has the £43 million of public money gone and why has it gone there ? We have no bridge over the Thames, not that we needed another one, nor ANY form of construction, nor any off site construction.
  2. Why did you relax the rules on public money spending to push the Garden Bridge project through ?
  3. Who are the beneficiaries of the Garden Bridge Trust ?
  4. Is one of them you ?
  5. Chris, where has the money gone for the ships ?
  6. Can you get it back ?
  7. Did you get anything ?

It's about time the police started doing the jobs that WE pay them for. They are bloody useless in solving knife crime, believing that stop and search is the be all and end all of preventative policing. Start building communities everywhere, including the so called no go areas, and talking to people. Gaining trust and making people, including those that carry knives, feel safe. Stop moaning about shortage of money and manpower - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT !

Also start pulling in these MPs, whoever they are. Nobody else would get away with these blatant crimes. DO YOUR JOB !

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