Have We Forgotten Jihadi John ?

Come now, have we forgotten Jihadi John with his host of female followers ?

It's not that long ago that we were subjected to the heathen slaughter of people in the name of Islam. British Muslims joined the Jihadi fighters in the Middle East and they weren't all men.

Moslem girls left in droves from all European countries, after being recruited on the internet. Girls from all the major cities of the UK went there to FIGHT ! Some got their wish but most were put into barracks to be used and abused by the men fighting for their cause. So, they got pregnant. What a surprise. What did they expect ?

There were plenty of these females popping up on the internet trying to recruit more followers. They were being used to entice more men to the Middle East.

These men and women have left their stain across the whole of the Middle East and should only be allowed to stay in the ever shrinking Caliphate that is Isis.

Letting these people back into the UK would be as stupid as believing Honda leaving the UK had nothing to do with Brexit.