John Kerry, are you sure ?

What I cannot understand is how John Kerry gets so much media attention.

Of course, it's all about money. After the about turns during the Vietnam War and then the Iraq War, one minute he's all for war, the next minute he's all against it showing the guy could never make his mind up.
When the Democrat administration decided to bring him back, after failing miserably against Bush, I was surprised. Not that Obama made any good choices during his tenure of the top post.

As usual he proved to be absolutely useless in his elevated position of Secretary of State.

We are now talking to him about climate change ! He's a lawyer for Christ's sake. He stated that Europe have to get their act together to combat climate change. We need to worry about mass emigration from Africa. Where is he coming from ?
If the US adjusted 10% of their output for climate change that would be more help. Of course he can't spout that in the US because it's a big vote loser, as is relaxation of immigration.
Americans have never worried about the distant future. It's all about now for them, especially the politicians. After all, politics in the US is the road to riches. And because people with money always want more money, the rich always get elected because they want it and they can afford it.

I wonder if he'll put himself up in two years. He says he hasn't decided who he will back. I bet he won't be spouting about climate change in two years time.

Yea, yea, yea, I know he got silver stars et al in the Vietnam War but didn't all the wealthy officers.

If I met John Kerry, what would I say ? " Hey John, why the long face ? "

Before I go, another thing I noticed in the newspaper online this morning. Advertising seems to have no watchdog anymore.

The Guardian were running a piece that looked like an article but was in fact an advert for a computer security and cleaner software. The advert was cleverly disguised to look like an article from The Guardian. I can't name the scanware as I don't want to get sued.
But everyone remember, nothing is FREE ! Especially in technology. It's a trick to get you to buy in.

Just like Rooney, bye for now.

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