Kane isn't Able

OK, I've read two newspaper reports about the game last and it is quite obvious these guys didn't see the game.
The Guardian reporter wrote that Wellbeck was " denied a headed goal late on. " That's all he wrote about the second biggest talking point of the match. The Independant was just as bad.
I thought the goal should have stood but may have masked a poor display by the home side.

I said the second most, because IMO the first talking point is about how badly England played and especially the captain Harry Kane. He's no captain. I never once saw him encouraging team mates or pushing the team and leading by example.

I think he will still be there though when the Librarian relinquishes management of the team, which I hope will be soon, before we get any worse !

The newspapers picked out Rashford, who was just awful in front of goal and Lingard, who was just as anonymous as Delli Ali ( this guy is just awful as an International ) as England's best players.
Spain passed and kept the ball well but any penetration was blatantly aided by England's poor defending.

When Enrique removed Alonso, it allowed the diminutive Trippier to charge up the wing and deliver a few crosses that threatened DeGea's goal.
Unfortunately this lead to Gomez being exposed and unsure of his positioning, a trait of old that Klopp has worked on to remove.

This is the first time England have suffered three defeats in a row for 30 years, the first home defeat in a competitive game since 2007.
Harry Kane was awarded the Golden Boot for scoring passed very poor opposition, penalties and otherwise, during the World Cup, which carried on his 19 goals in 30 matches which also was against poor opposition. His decision making is extremely poor. He should have been closer to a couple of half chances.
I think Harry Kane is a good striker handled correctly but the captaincy may weigh too heavily on him, as it has done to good players in the past.

I actually believe that poor decision making runs through the team, with Lingard and Ali the biggest offenders. Several times, team mates had run into good wide positions only for the midfield to try and thread a ball through a crowded defence to the statuesque Kane or just plain thick Rashford.

I haven't mentioned the other two midfielders on show, the awkward, cumbersome Dier, replacing the strange Henderson. What is it about Henderson that endears him to football managers.

It's a good job I was alive in 1966 and that I'm not Scottish !

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