Network, Help !


Usually, I use the blog to moan or brag about something. This time I have an issue I just can't solve, even with the help of forums etc. So, if I post my blog out there, someone may be able to help.

I bought a Buffalo NAS. Very pleased as it does everything it was supposed to do. Unfortunately my network had not been set up to include this storage unit.

I was having difficulties editing my several websites and found this to be due to a conflict with a DNS that I was using to bypass the Geoblocking of BBC and ITV.

I installed another router, TP-Link, to use for the Geoblocking and linked this through my main modem/router. This all worked splendidly.

Unfortunately ( another unfortunately ) I had to install the NAS onto the TP-Link as my TV was on it and I watch the movies using Kody as my media server.

Now comes my problem - the internet cannot see my NAS. This seems correct but I think there must be a way to keep everything the same but allow the internet to see my NAS. If not then I will not be able to remotely access the NAS via the internet.

Can anyone help ?

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