" Peace For Our Time "

To divide equally - a good thing ? Maybe, but only when it is as a share and not as a view.

I fear that to have the country and Parliament on an equal footing of opposing views is tantamount to a disaster in the following years. I find it quite incredible that the country finds itself in this situation. I knew that Parliament were out of touch with the electorate, but this, I still cannot believe the referendum vote.

How far out of touch were David Cameron, his cabinet and his advisers to have called the referendum and then not had the courage to stay and fight. Cameron got in because there was no one else. We now have " no one else " and what an awful mess we find the country in now. Every time I turn the TV on, some loudmouth politician is shouting the odds.

Do any of these stupid people realise how much this will cost the country when the import of labour is stopped and we have to rely on picking from dole queues. The slowdown of imports and exports and the cost of policing these borders. The cost of having no say, no right of appeal in the laws and workings of other countries we will need to do business with.

Are any of these people capable ?

I wonder how the country and Parliament would react if Neville Chamberlain were to wave his piece of paper at the public from a pulpit at Heathrow today, although it would probably be that buffoon with the strange haircut. Would he get the backing from the Tories that is missing from the present Prime Minister. Of course he would. They seem a fascist lot to me and are clearly closely associated with UKip. Do a lot of British people have fascist tendencies that they can display in the ballot box without repercussion. We would probably vote for burying our heads in the sand or being an ally whilst a modern Mr Hitler wreaked havoc across Europe.

Luckily we had more sense in 1938.

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