Ruled By These People ! Really ?

Now, everyone who voted for Brexit stand up. Is the view any better from there ?

I know, everyone is entitled to their opinion and the world is very diverse and the UK may be the most diverse, the US aside.

BUT ! Have you not seen how the Government, back benchers, opposition et al in the House of Commons have been behaving over the last three years. They are all a bloody disgrace, every last one of them. I've seen better behaved animals in a cattle market.

The Prime Minister has completely lost her cabinet, her party and the country. It's not all her fault but a large part of it is. When you are in charge, you have to act that way. Not one thing has shown she can take charge.

What about the alternatives ? Dracula Rees - Mogg, Buffoon Boris, Ha ha !!
The Labour party ? Comrade Corbyn, " I will change everything " McDonnell or give the Liberals another go - If you don't remember the last time.

What a pathetic bunch and you Brexiteers want any of them to run the country, decide taxation, look after sterling, form the laws for commerce and business. This lot can't even be civil to each other. Democracy is one thing but this .................

Oh I forgot - I suppose you lot wanted the new wave government. Mr Mosely himself Sir Oswald Farage. Another one that has been given too much money and pointed in a certain direction by the puppeteer.

The mind boggles.