Southgate Library Break-In

Yesterday there was a break in at the Southgate library and all the books were tossed around and rearranged to the wrong shelves. When asked by reporters, the detective constable heading up the case, stated that no books had been stolen but all the football books on tactics were missing from the sports section but had been found in the toilet. He also stated that the First Aid books had now been found. They were discovered in the Football section.
Reporters were mystified to hear that the librarian had inserted his own three bookshelves on Football Management, titled, Faith, Hope and Charity. These books were still in place and interestingly, none had been loaned out.

Joking apart,

Can anybody tell me of any other manager, or person even, that would have assembled that sorry bunch last night ?
" Ello mate, oo ah yow then. Neever seen yow before. Does ya play a bit like ?

" I'm a bit ( of a ) stiff, cos I 'aint played for a foo months . Oo do yoo play for then ? "

" Me ? I'm a Red, not in the first team like, but I'm on me way back "

" Aren't you the captain ? Bit strange you're not in the first team ? "

" Well, see, we got a foreigner, knows a bit aboot footy like, but ole' Gareth, he joost likes you to be nice like. "

" I'll be glad when 'arf time comes, I'm as firsty as 'ell. That's a long way from the dressing room to 'ere ! "

Actually, joking keeps me sane when thinking of England. Ha ! I bet nobody uses that phrase anymore - " Lay back and think of England "

Winning is everything in football. What a pity !

( Great picture above. Sums him up perfectly )

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