Votathon on Brexit.

My God, Oliver Cromwell has a lot to answer for !

Would the Royals and captains of industry made such a hash of this ?

These politicians seemingly can't agree with anything that has been put forward. They can't agree with the three or four notions put forward by the PM, they can't agree with any notion put forward by any of the ministers willing to stick their necks out with a proposal. They ARE willing to have a vote on everything.

They act just like a rabble of badly behaved school children let loose in the playground. They are completely uncontrollable. Neither the PM nor the other leaders, who are part of the rabble can quiet this poor lot.

I don't believe the UK has seen such a poor lot of politicians since just before the Second World War.

My biggest issue, other than Brexit itself, which of course was the most stupid decision, is this. How can the third proposal by Theresa May be considered as acceptable by the harsh Brexiteers on the proviso that she step down as leader.
Common sense tells us that is ludicrous.
The DUP won't back the proposal with the backstop for the Northern Ireland border. The only option for them would have been a customs union, but they won't get that now as they've helped to put the hardliners in the driving seat.

The resulting race for the leadership will have too many candidates with the outcome of either the lampooned Boris Johnson or the very serious Dominic Raab. Neither of whom were able to handle any office.

Just wait 'til they try to communicate with the EU. These bloody fools will take the UK out with no deal, because they don't care about foreign citizens living in the UK or the expats all over Europe.

That will open the door for a change of government and the Labour party will sacrifice Jeremy Corbyn on the altar for a more personable candidate.

God help us.