Where Have You Been ?

Chelsea's last two matches have been overshadowed by racist and anti-semitic chanting.

so said all the news TV commentators and Press this morning.


Chelsea's last two thousand matches have contained racial and anti-semitic chanting BUT they were never overshadowed by it.

Chelsea aren't the only team ! In fact EVERY teams' supporters can be accused of it. At least, having watched football for over sixty years I can confirm that is the case. Of course, only if they're losing 'cos singing when you're winning is about your club.

I think that this maybe a conspiracy of the press to start on the fans of clubs just to get some different news and not any laudable reason as the Press have rarely had a laudable reason for reporting anything in football that may help the game.

Surely the bigger news this morning in football is the revelation from Gareth Farrelly that the Aston Villa coach Kevin McDonald has been suspended from coaching by the club. It has been alleged that he bullied young players and was responsible for stopping their development at the club. Apparently the club have been informed about McDonald on two previous occasions but have done nothing about it.

Maybe this is why Villa have dropped down the league even with several different managers who probably weren't as good at playing as McDonald.

Personally, I never thought he was much good at Liverpool, even though he played in our double year.

One good thing has happened overnight though. We've finally got rid of Martin Glenn CEO at the FA. Clueless would describe his tenure for me. Appointing the Librarian again because he had a good World Cup. No he didn't ! I could have coached them to the semis in that group ! Funnily enough his resignation wasn't mentioned on Sky News this morning. Only Chelsea and Steve Hansen resigning from coaching the All Blacks after next year's World Cup.

To go back to Chelsea, which, after getting beaten up by Chelsea fans whilst trying to protect my father from their violence, I haven't done since, this all started with those three little words.


If we hadn't let those know nothing, failed at everything, jobsworths into our world, we wouldn't have all the follow ons:

People running important parts of our lives who know nothing about the task in front of them. Mostly members of Parliament I suppose.
Projects costing too much more money as we have to accommodate the hangers on.
A feeding frenzy of the Press at any soundbite of racism, abuse of young footballers, abuse of women colleagues, abuse of choirboys etc. Hang on we all knew this was going on when we went to Sunday school. Why is it big news now ?

Why doesn't one of these newspapers look at every person in a top job that matters to the people ie NHS, Mental Health, FA, Railways etc and assess if they are doing their job.
They all probably started in Health and Safety.

'Twas ever so, I hear you say.

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