On Crete

If you wake early on Crete and look to the east, the orange sky flecked with blue and grey greets you every day. What better way to start a new day.

When the orange gives way to the light grey precursor for the vivid blue sky famous throughout the world for the best light for photography, and all the animals have been fed, bees and birds have joined the dawn chorus of local chickens and roosters, it's time for a breakfast of cheese, meats, fruit and yogurt. This has to be done at a leisurely pace to be best enjoyed. Don't worry the day will wait.

What to do, when there are so many things and many of these close by. The time of year will surely dictate the occasion. A trip to the beautiful city of Chania, a walk through one of the many famous gorges, a trip to the beach, a walk through the beautiful Greek villages that adorn the island or just laze about and visit a taverna for lunch or dinner and sample some of the best food in Greece.

You get back maybe exhausted. A quick dip in the pool and maybe make dinner or put on the gladrags and visit one of the restaurants or tavernas where music is usual in the high season. What a great time.

Did you think I was writing from a tourist point of view. It was either a tourist or a resident, Crete doesn't mind who you are.

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